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Increase Profitability and Patient Satisfaction with Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

Dr. Barotz believes dentists hate doing dentures for two reasons which he will elaborate in his video. Why are so many patients dissatisfied with the result? Dr. Barotz believes denture dissatisfaction is rooted in perception. In his experience, denture patients have been treated as second-rate patients, and the dentures delivered serve as poor substitutes for teeth. Denture patients have the same desires as other patients, and most would give anything to find relief from the discomfort and frustration of poor function and esthetics.

In our exciting new video, Dr. Barotz will change the way you think about dentures. He views dentures as a full-mouth reconstruction and cosmetic makeover that challenges him clinically and artistically. Not only will he give you a fresh perspective, Dr. Barotz will share secrets – proven methods - for marketing dentures, so your patients will understand the true value of their investment. Then, in a step-by-step presentation, Dr. Barotz will walk you through the fabrication process. He sincerely believes that with the right mindset, tools, and clinical knowledge, you can create a product that will completely satisfy you, your patients, and your bank account. Why does he believe this? Because he’s seen it work, time and time again.


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Dr. Barotz, a 1980 graduate from Georgetown University, is internationally known for his lectures and seminars on subjects relating to excellence in dentistry. Selected by the Levin Group as one of the top five cosmetic dentists of 2002, Dr. Barotz was, in his words, “a cosmetic dentist before it was ethical to be one.” From his Denver practice, Dr. Barotz provides innovative, technologically advanced care. To learn more about Dr. Barotz, visit www.barotzdental.com.

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